New Beginnings: How to Adjust to Your “New Life” After Divorce

As your life progresses, change is inevitable (therefore learning how to rediscover yourself and continue to grow is such a vital skill). When you’ve been through a divorce, it’s a perfect opportunity to rediscover who you are and move your life in a new direction. 

Here are some ways that you can use this time in your life to embark on an adventure that leads to the new you.

Remember Who You Are

As the saying goes, you need to see where you’ve been to understand where you’re going. In this instance, you want to remember who you really are. It’s okay if this exercise is a bit of a struggle at first. When you marry, it’s natural to focus more on “we” instead of “me.” After divorce, it can take a little time to rediscover yourself.

Start by looking inside. Think about the things you loved to do before you were married and things you’ve always wanted to do but held back for whatever reason (lack of time, family approval, and the list goes on). Try doing some of those activities now and see how they make you feel. If something feels right, keep at it!

Think About Who You Want to Be

Remembering who you are is an excellent first step in building your new life. Now it’s time to consciously create the life you want. You get to decide who you want to be and what your future will look like. Instead of waiting for new opportunities, make them yourself and enjoy the results of your enthusiasm, energy, and vision.

Work with a Therapist

You were strong enough to begin this new life, but you shouldn’t be expected to take on the world by yourself. Talking to a therapist can help make your transition into a new life after divorce easier, especially during the first year when you’ll be creating new traditions as a single person. He or she can also help you prevent any lingering negativity from the divorce process that impact the goals for your future.

Release and Redecorate

Whether you end up staying in the marital home or move into a new home, start making it yours! Rearranging the furniture and applying a fresh coat of paint can make your surroundings feel completely different and provide an energizing boost to your mood. Changing your environment is also an outward sign that a new chapter in your life has begun and it’s all yours.

Create a Bucket List

When you were married, vacations and adventures were outings that you and your spouse would want to agree on together. If you had to put aside your dreams of visiting Buckingham Palace or swimming with dolphins, it’s time to bring them out again and add them to a bucket list of things you’d love to do. The act of creating a bucket list allows you to dream big. They don’t have to be grand and expensive adventures. What matters are activities or destinations that would bring you joy.

It’s okay if you’re nervous at first, but rest assured, once you take your leap of faith, your new life will blossom. Start your journey now, and if you need legal advice or a cheering squad (or both!) Bliss Law Group is only a phone call away at 253-844-4412.

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