Legal Separation in Tacoma, WA (with no Children)

Step Back from Your Marriage and Examine Your Options with a Legal Separation

When a couple is experiencing marital problems, rather than seeking a divorce, legal separation could be a better alternative. Legal separation in Washington State allows married couples to live separately, using that time apart to see if they can reconcile their differences. This process allows couples to formalize their separation and address many of the issues required for a divorce, all while remaining legally married.

Many times, couples are able to successfully reconcile their differences when choosing to pursue the legal separation process. Here at Bliss Law Group, our highly experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys can help you learn more about how legal separation might be an option that best suits needs of you and your partner.

What are the benefits of a Legal Separation?

Being legally separated can help couples repair their marriage by discovering solutions to their marital troubles. By choosing a legal separation in lieu of divorce, couples can also keep many of their benefits in place and work through financial obligations as a married couple, such as dividing assets and debts. When couples are able to work through their differences, they can move back in together and continue on with their marriage.

How Long does a Legal Separation Last?

Legal separation is designed to be a temporary process and has a mandatory 90 day waiting period. After living separately for 90 days, the couple will need to decide whether or not they can repair their marriage or if they will need to proceed with a divorce. If a couple decides to move forward with divorce, many of their legal separation documents can simply convert into divorce documents, which will streamline the divorce process and can ultimately save you time and money. If any issues still remain disputed, a judge will then be in charge of making decisions for these issues.

How Do I File for a Legal Separation?

If you would like to learn more about legal separation in Washington State, or you want to begin the process of becoming legally separated, please contact us today. We are ready to assist and can set you up with an appointment for a consultation or answer any questions you might have.