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I highly recommend Heather as your attorney!! My x-husband worked with his family business and hid money to make it look as though we made very little. In mediation Heather would not back down and made sure I walked away with what I rightfully deserved. She knew exactly how to handle my situation. She is very confident in her ability and every time I spoke with her I knew my case was in good hands. She truly wanted the best for me and cared. She pointed out things that I would not have thought of and how the decisions I made today would affect me and my children in the future. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across Heather; I know that my case would not have had the outcome it did if I had used anyone else!

Tacoma, WA

This lawyer helped me navigate a tough divorce and negotiated on my behalf to a successful agreement. She was supportive and prompt in response to my calls or emails.

I can’t say enough about the integrity and tenacity that Lindsey has. I’d recommend her highly!

I'd Give More Stars Than 5!

Lindsey is a fantastic attorney! I hired her to represent me when I got full custody of my kids and she helped me navigate through a difficult situation. She’s down to earth, strong, and personable. Combine that with her knowledge, tenacity and professionalism, it makes her a fantastic attorney. From the first moment I met her, I knew above all that she cared about me and my kids. Lindsey is a woman of integrity and compassion with a deep core value of justice and it showed clearly in every interaction we had.
I Highly Recommend Lindsey!

Lindsey is smart, kind, compassionate, articulate, professional, and trustworthy. She creates a very safe environment to share complicated and difficult information. Lindsey is an engaged listener who knows exactly what questions to ask to obtain the desired outcome. I highly recommend Lindsey Rogers. Thank you, Lindsey!

Highly Recommend!

I hired Heather after I had the same lawyer for 3 plus years. I had been through a very nasty divorce, a revised parenting plan right after my divorce and battles over child support. I was trying to obtain passports for my children which my ex husband was not wanting to cooperate with. So that’s when I hired Heather. I met with her one morning and right away I knew she was a good fit for me. She was not going to back down from my ex and was not afraid to rock the boat a little. She told me my case needed a change in tone and that’s exactly what she did. She changed the tone of my case.

In court she was very assertive and not going to take anyone’s crap. The look on my ex-husbands face was priceless. I think his eyeballs almost popped out of his head when she spoke. My other lawyer was very soft spoken and not very assertive, so he was used to pushing her around, but not Heather. She was not going to let that happen. She fought for me in court and it paid off. I ended up getting everything I wanted that day. I was amazed at her professionalism. I would totally recommend her, especially if you are in a really nasty divorce or custody battle. She and her staff guided me the entire way. Through countless emails and phone calls they were able to help me respond to my ex-husbands emails in a way that would be positive for me in court. I think that is a huge factor when hiring a lawyer. You need their guidance that’s why you hired them. At times I have felt very hopeless in my situation with my ex-husband, but now I have more hope that the future will be better because of Heather’s help.

K.T. - Puyallup, WA

Heather is an amazing attorney!!!! She took over my divorce (custody, child support) case with only a couple of weeks to review before the 1st hearing. At every hearing/meeting, I felt completely secure in her skills (it was very interesting to just sit back and watch her do her thing). My ex used the legal system & various government services (filed motions just to file them, petitioned for a protection order against me, filed a CPS report) to harass me throughout the entire process and Heather helped me remain calm and handled every situation as it came with professionalism, tack and he utmost skill. She provided sound and realistic advice at every turn. Quite frankly, through her guidance during this process, I feel I grew as a person. I felt very blessed to have her represent me.
N.B. - Puyallup, WA

I recently met with Lindsey Rogers to help guide me through resolving some issues that popped up in my parenting plan. She was extremely helpful and made good use of the time we spent working through the issues I had. I will no doubt work with her again in the future should I need additional help.

She is a Rockstar

Lindsay was great at working my case in court. When the initial judgment was not in our favor, she submitted a revision and we were able to achieve our goals. She is also great about getting back to me same day. 5/5 would recommend!
Great Lawyer!

Heather Bliss and Staff are wonderful! Heather is a genuine caring individual who will make sure you and your loved ones are best served. Although she is fantastic she does not allow ego to drive your case, she is realistic, honest, compassionate and will not waste your time or money chasing frivolous things. She will put your mind at ease the first time you meet, she is incredibly knowledgeable and her work comes from the heart. I have used her a couple times and she made the process run as smoothly and stress free as possible. Asset the legal field and her clients.
T. Jones - Puyallup, WA

The law office of Heather Bliss came into my life un-expectantly and it turned out to be a true blessing in disguise. I was facing a serious challenge. I was being falsely accused of some serious allegations by my ex-husband who is a police officer and in turn was facing an uphill battle. I was represented by a different attorney for years because my divorce was very contentious but I always felt underrepresented and felt bullied by my ex’s legal counsel. The moment I called Heather Bliss’s office, I knew I made a good decision. Her legal assistant, Jessica, was very professional and understanding of my situation and relayed the urgency of my case to Heather who then saw me the same day for a consultation which is unheard of.

When I arrived to her office, Heather was pro-active and had already looked up information about my case. Her level of preparation and thoroughness was impressive. It was at the consultation that Heather immediately noticed that my ex had filed documentation with the court to fight for full custody with his false accusations. This of course sent me into a whirlwind of panic but Heather took charge immediately. I explained my situation to her and she listened with empathy, was very understanding and made me feel like I was not just another case. She made me feel like my difficult situation was just as important to her as it was to me. Heather succinctly and thoroughly advised me on the pros and cons of each course of action and broke down each step with concrete instructions. Throughout the process, Heather and her legal team were quick to respond to any questions that I may have and kept me informed every step of the way.

Heather is very knowledgeable about the law, detail-oriented and aggressive when she needs to be to fight for what is right. Heather’s professionalism, thorough preparation with her cases and attention to legal details are exemplified in the court room where her effective communication skills, assertiveness and confidence show through. I have no doubt that Heather’s expertise and passion for fighting for her clients allowed me to win my case, regain control of my life and put my mind at ease during a very stressful and challenging time. If I could do it all over again, I would have retained Heather from the beginning to avoid all the problems that surfaced because I was not represented properly from the get go. Nevertheless, I am happy and relieved to have finally found an attorney that is invested in her clients, personable and knowledgeable of legal details. Rest assured that you will be in very good hands if you have the law office of Heather Bliss on your side.

T.P. - Federal Way, WA

Heather Bliss is upfront and honest. She does not waste your money chasing things that are not important or things that are not realistic. I appreciate her honesty and attention to detail and it is clear she is highly respected by her peers in the courtroom. She truly cares about what is best for your child and leaves nothing unattended to. I refer her any chance I get as I know they will be in good hands. She is a person will realistic expectations, integrity and is very sharp. Highly recommend!
T.J. - Tacoma, WA