Establishing Residential Schedules

Establishing Residential Schedules in WA

When unmarried or separated parents are no longer living together, it can be tempting to try to work together to create a parenting schedule. This is sometimes done without involving a professional or the courts. While this sentiment is admirable, it frequently ends up causing difficulties. More problems can surface down the road for everyone involved, especially the children.

The Negative Effects of Instability on a Child’s Development

Experts agree that children need as much stability as possible while growing up. That is virtually impossible to provide when there is no routine in place. In addition, working without a residential schedule usually leads to unnecessary arguing. Confusion and other problems end up causing disagreements on many important points.

In Washington, the process of creating a parenting plan for unmarried or separated parents is known as establishing a residential schedule. This process can oftentimes be handled through mediation. In some cases, if the parents are unable to compromise or agree to terms, any unsettled items will be determined by a judge or commissioner.

Child Visitation Schedule

Once there is a residential schedule, both parties will have a set schedule for when they will be responsible for the children. This helps the children by setting a routine that they can rely on for years to come. It also allows the parents to start planning for the future without the uncertainty that comes with attempting to divide up parental time without a clear and enforceable guideline in place.

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