Tacoma Child Custody Lawyers

Advocating for You and Your Children in Child Custody Disputes

In most separations, divorces, or breakups, determining who will have custody of the children is likely the most difficult decision to make. Parents want to be there to love and care for their children at all times; however, when that is no longer possible, it is often necessary to have the courts step in to decide which parent will have legal custody, and what type of parenting time each will enjoy.

Establishing a Child Custody Agreement

If you are separating or divorcing, it is wise to have a child custody arrangement prepared and approved by the courts. Whenever possible, it is ideal to work out the details of the custody agreement without having to rely on a judge. This helps alleviate undue stress and lightensthe financial burden that litigation often creates. Additionally, while judges work hard to provide a good solution, it is impossible for them to know the unique dynamics of your particular circumstances and all of the factors you may consider relevant when determining custody and a residential plan for your children.

Mediation in Child Custody Disputes

If reaching an amicable agreement is not possible, Bliss Law Group will work to create and negotiate the best possible outcome for you and your family. Whether through mediation or the court, our team will always advocate on your behalf to ensure you and your children’s needs are at the forefront and getting your desired results remains the focus.

Modifying or Changing to a Different Type of Child Custody

While child custody agreements are intended to remain in place for a long period of time, situations inevitably change, which necessitates modifications of the agreement. 

  • Change of jobs
  • Moved to another area
  • A life event

We can help factor situations into an updated child custody agreement.

If the other party agrees to the requested changes, we can prepare the modifications and get them finalized quickly and efficiently. If an agreement is unable to be reached, we will work with you to present an effective case to the court so that the agreement can be modified properly.

No matter the reason you are looking to have your child custody agreement modified, we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us to get the process started as soon as possible to avoid delays or other potential issues.