Modifications of Parenting Plans & Orders of Child Support

Modifying Legal Orders to Accommodate Life Changes for Washington Families

Petition to Modify a Parenting Plan in Washington State

Once orders are finalized and entered with the court they cannot be changed on a whim. The courts recognize, however, that situations in life do change over time. Certain situations may warrant parenting plan modifications to previously entered orders.

To change an existing order one must petition the court for:

  • Modifications to a child support order
  • A parenting plan
  • A residential schedule
  • Or any other standing order

In fact, it is more common to have these orders modified over time than it is to have one order in place from the time of entry forward. So, with that in mind, if there is something in one or more of your orders that is causing difficulty today, we can help you. We can help to get it modified to something that is more conducive to your specific circumstances.

Some Reasons to Modify a Parenting Plan

  • Job Status Change – When something changes at work, it can impact every other area of your life. If your income has gone down, for example, it may be appropriate to have the child support reviewed. If you need to work a different schedule, the parenting plan may need to be changed. These are just a few of the ways your job status may trigger a modification or change to the final orders.
  • Age of the Children – As your child or children grow up, their needs will change. If you got divorced when a child was an infant, you’ll likely need to make changes to the parenting schedule as their needs change.  School needs, extracurricular activities, or other educational needs and requirements are some examples.
  • Residential Change – Relocation is a major life event that may make it necessary to adjust one or more of the orders that are in place. This is especially true when one of the parents is moving a long distance.
  • Other – Of course, there are an endless number of reasons why it may be necessary to modify a court order. Even if there is not an agreement to modify or change an existing court order, our team can help. The court will hear arguments in those situations where parents disagree.

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    One of the most important things you can do when it comes to seeking a modification to an existing court order is to start the process as early as possible. Your advanced planning and action is vital to securing the outcomes needed for the benefit of your family.

    With this in mind, you will want to contact us as soon as you start thinking about seeking a modification. This will make it possible for the proper planning and paperwork to be completed. Proper planning and paperwork will give you the best chance at success in seeking a modification.