Enforcement of Court Orders

Standing Up for Your Family in a Divorce Dispute

The process of divorce is full of difficult decisions. When you and your former spouse don’t see eye-to-eye, your differences may seem impossible to overcome. At Bliss Law Group, we want you to know that it is possible—and necessary—to stand your ground in a divorce dispute. It may not be a simple matter, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Our attorneys are here to share the emotional, financial, and legal challenges you endure in the midst of a divorce. Among many other things, that means standing up for you when your ex-spouse fails to comply with a divorce decree or court order. We understand the impact these violations can have on your life, whether it’s financial hardship imposed by a series of missed spousal support payments, stress caused by deviations from the child custody plan, or legal complications from a refusal to let go of marital property. We can help you enforce your divorce orders so it never happens again.

The Enforcement Process

When your ex-spouse fails to comply with a court order, our lawyers will help you file a motion for contempt or a motion to enforce the decree. The procedure includes getting a copy of the original decree, documenting the violations, and stating the remedies you’d like to request. A hearing will be scheduled once your motion has been properly filed. Both parties, through their attorneys, have to appear at the hearing to present your evidence and make their case.

If your former spouse is found guilty of contempt, the court can issue a warning, order the spouse to pay your court and attorney fees, modify the parenting plan, or lay out consequences for any further violations. In some cases, the guilty spouse may receive jail time or a lien against his or her property. It all depends on the facts of your case.

Get the Positive Outcome You Deserve

A motion for contempt can help to protect your children, your money, and your property—as well as your dignity. The law is a powerful tool in cases of divorce order violations, and our attorneys are prepared to use it on your behalf. We would also be happy to discuss alternatives to a court hearing, if you are inclined to try other options first. We are here to support your legal rights while addressing your questions and concerns every step of the way.

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