Mindy Meyers

Introducing Paralegal
Mindy Meyers

Mindy Meyers brings over 18 years of family law paralegal experience to Bliss Law Group. Her true forte lies in navigating the complexities of high-asset family law cases, where her expertise shines through in providing steadfast support to clients throughout the process.

Over the years, Mindy has offered invaluable paralegal support to various attorneys in Thurston and Pierce Counties. Mindy has a unique academic background in literature and accounting, which, coupled with her prior roles in the banking and medical administration sectors, has provided her with a distinctive edge in her legal career.

Mindy’s professional journey has been profoundly influenced by her first foray into the legal world under the guidance of a respected attorney in her Wyoming hometown. It was there that she learned invaluable lessons of maintaining integrity, compassion and diligence throughout legal matters. These foundational principles continue to shape her approach to her work as she strives to emulate the caring and dedicated spirit of her mentor in every client interaction.

Outside the office, Mindy enjoys the outdoors and hiking adventures with her two German Shepherds. She loves gardening, baking, and cherishes quality time spent with friends and family.