Legal Separation

Step Back from Your Marriage and Examine Your Options with a Legal Separation

When a couple is having serious marital troubles, it can be tempting to think that divorce is the best option to seek; however, for many couples, legal separation is a better alternative. Legal separation in Washington State allows married couples to live separately, establish custody of children, and address many other issues, all while remaining legally married.

Here at Bliss Law Group, our highly skilled and experienced family law attorneys can help you learn more about how legal separation might be an option that best suits you and your partner’s needs.

What are the benefits of a Legal Separation?

Staying legally married can offer some significant benefits. When choosing to legally separate, this allows couples to continue to work toward repairing their marriage, and in many cases, the time spent apart throughout the legal separation process can help couples discover solutions to their marital problems. If this occurs, the couple can move back in together and continue with their marriage. 

Another advantage to seeking legal separation versus a divorce is that it will also allow many different types of benefits to remain in place such as medical insurance coverage and other financial obligations.

How Long does a Legal Separation Last?

A legal separation is designed to be a temporary arrangement. At some point, it will become necessary to either repair the marriage or proceed with a divorce. Since the vast majority of the work required for a divorce will already have been completed, in most cases, it can be quite simple to convert separation documents into divorce documents. Having gone through the process of legal separation can streamline the divorce process, which will save you time and money.

How Do I File for a Legal Separation?

If you are interested in learning more about legal separation in Washington State or if you want to begin the process of becoming legally separated, please contact us today. Our expert team of legal professionals here at Bliss Law Group can help you set up an appointment for a consultation or answer any questions that you might have.