Tips for Building Friendships After a Divorce

Divorce is more than a separation between two people. It can affect many other relationships in  your life as well. Hopefully, you have close friends and family you can rely on during this time.  But in many cases, divorce severs bonds with mutual friends you had with your ex-spouse or  causes some to feel like they have to choose between you and your ex. Even worse, you may  discover that people you thought were your friends now avoid you because they are  uncomfortable or unable to offer support.

So as you move forward following a divorce, building new friendships can be a necessary part of  your healing. Making new friends can be difficult enough as an adult, and the grief you may be  feeling following your divorce can make it even harder. But it’s also an opportunity for growth.  To help you move on, here are four tips for fostering friendships after a divorce.  

Find an activity friend. Shared interests bring people together. So find someone that enjoys the  same activities as you and get some dates on the calendar. This activity could be regular visits to  the gym with a workout friend, weekend walks, playing golf, attending concerts, or any other  activity that makes you feel good. Even if you haven’t done them for a while, now is a great time  to back into hobbies you once pursued.  

Volunteer your time. Supporting a cause you believe in can lift your spirits and connect you with  like-minded people. Plus, forming friendships with people who share your passion for doing good  can lead to long-term, fulfilling relationships.  

Reconnect with old friends. We all occasionally lose touch with people during our lives, even  those we care about deeply. It’s even possible you stopped seeing certain people because they  didn’t get along with your ex or because you have become less social due to the difficulties in  your marriage. But it’s never too late to rekindle old friendships, and now is an ideal time to try.  Chances are good; you’ll not only pick up where you left off but establish even deeper bonds with  them in the future.  

Be more social. Though this can be difficult at first, forcing yourself to accept invitations and put  yourself in a position to meet new people can be healthy and perhaps liberating. While avoiding  dating for a while is likely best, there’s no reason not to open yourself up to new friendships. 

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