Do I Have to Go to Court for a Divorce in Tacoma, WA?

If you are going through a divorce in Tacoma, WA, you may be wondering whether or not you will have to go to court.  The thought of having to go to court to make sure your divorce is finalized can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our Tacoma divorce attorneys understand the stress and emotional toll you’re going through.

You are stepping into a new chapter in your life and making sure you get a fair outcome while you are going through a divorce is on top of your mind. Our Tacoma divorce attorneys can lessen the burden of the divorce process so you can focus on rebuilding a new and better future for yourself.

Call Bliss Law Group today at (253) 525-5823 or contact us online to set up a consultation for your Tacoma, Washington divorce case. We’ll go through the specifics of your divorce, including asset division, debt allocation, child custody, spousal support and evaluate your prospects for settling it out of court. 

Will I Have to Go to Court for My Divorce?

In Washington, you CAN get a divorce without ever needing to step a foot inside the courthouse. If this is your goal, to ensure you have the best chance of avoiding court you will need to work with a divorce attorney who practices collaborative divorce or mediation.

How Bliss Law Group Can Help with Divorce in Tacoma

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging events you will experience in your lifetime. It can be emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting..

Should children be involved in your family law matter, it can feel downright devastating at times; not only for you, but for your children.

This is why it is essential to seek knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance that will protect you and your children while providing you guidance and support throughout the separation process.

Here at Bliss Law Group, our first priority is minimizing the damage to all involved parties, including any children. Our Tacoma divorce attorneys understand that every family is unique and will take the time to understand your specific situation, concerns, and goals.

We encourage families, when feasible, to utilize alternative processes such as uncontested divorce, collaborative law, and/or divorce mediation to help reduce the financial burdens and excessive stress that litigation often creates.

Of course, we recognize that there are situations where it is impossible to come to any amicable agreements. Whether your spouse is unwilling to work cooperatively, or there are minimal points of contention, we are here for you.

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Factors That May Determine if Your Tacoma Divorce Case Needs to Go to Court

In 2022, there was 2,596 divorces in Pierce County, Washington. Statistically, about 5% of these divorces went to trial, meaning the other 95% reached a settlement outside of court.

The good news is that your odds of settling your divorce out of court are high! Why do some divorce cases go to trial and some do not? Below are common factors that may influence whether your case needs to go to court.

1. Spousal Communication

When you have open communication with your spouse, it is easier to negotiate the terms of a divorce agreement and avoid going to court. If both parties are able to discuss their priorities and concerns respectfully, it can lead to a faster and less expensive divorce process.

2. Complexity of Asset Division

If you and your spouse have significant assets, such as real estate, investments, retirement accounts, or businesses, the division of these assets may require court involvement. In these situations, going to court can help ensure that all assets are accounted for and divided fairly.

3. Child Custody and Support

In cases where there are children involved, the court may need to get involved to determine child custody and support arrangements if parents cannot come to an agreement on their own. The well-being of the children is always a top priority in divorce cases, so it’s important for both parents to work together and consider the best interests of their children.

4. Domestic Violence

If there is a history of domestic violence in the marriage, it may be necessary to go to court for protection orders and other legal measures to ensure the safety of all parties involved. In these situations, it’s important to work with an experienced divorce attorney who can help protect your rights and safety.

If I Have to Go to Court, What Should I Expect?

While many are familiar with the ceremonial aspects of marriage, fewer are well-versed in the intricacies of the divorce process. It can be an anxiety-inducing experience to navigate the court system during a divorce, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with its procedures. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect if your divorce reaches the trial stage:

  • Temporary Orders Hearing: This initial hearing addresses the key components of your divorce and establishes temporary solutions until the final settlement is reached. Matters such as child custody, living arrangements, and financial arrangements are discussed during this hearing.
  • Review Hearings: Throughout the divorce process, you may need to appear in court to provide updates to the judge, request modifications to temporary orders, or address serious matters such as protection orders.
  • Settlement Conference: Prior to the formal trial, a settlement conference provides an opportunity for a private meeting with the judge to explore potential resolutions.
  • Divorce Trial: In some cases, divorces proceed to trial, resembling any other legal trial. Witnesses testify, experts present their opinions, and the judge renders final decisions on crucial matters including property division, child custody, visitation rights, and alimony. The duration of the trial depends on the complexity of your case.

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Speak to a Tacoma Divorce Lawyer About Your Case

While most divorces are resolved without the need for court intervention, it is always best to work with an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

We understand that you want to resolve your divorce as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our Tacoma divorce attorneys are here to help you achieve a fair outcome while providing support and guidance during this difficult time.

Contact Bliss Law Group today to schedule a consultation for your Tacoma, Washington divorce case. Once we have more information about the aspects of your divorce, we will work with you to evaluate your prospects for settling it out of court. Our goal is to help you move forward with your life as painlessly and efficiently as possible. Give us a call today at (253) 525-5823 to get started.