Divorce with Children

At Bliss Law Group, we understand that the process of going through a divorce will be one of the most challenging chapters that you’ll experience in your lifetime, especially if there are children involved. If you are planning to file for divorce in Washington state and are concerned about how to help your children understand and cope with this big change in their lives, our team of family law experts are here to help. 

When going through a divorce with children, it is essential to seek assistance from a legal professional who is skilled, knowledgeable, and understanding. That’s why our staff here at Bliss Law Group is passionate about protecting you and your children, while providing you with the care, support, and guidance that your family will require throughout the separation process.

Our first priority is to minimize the damage to all parties involved, including any children. Bliss Law Group will work closely with you to not only finalize your divorce, but to also: 

We understand that parents only want the best for their children, and that is why we are devoted to working with you to ensure that your children feel safe and secure in their parents’ love. Our team here at Bliss Law Group knows firsthand how divorce impacts families and are proud to provide compassionate, personal support and legal guidance through this tough transition in your lives. For more information or to schedule a consultation, be sure to give us a call today at 253-844-4412.