Family Law Attorney

Do you want to be part of an amazing movement in Family Law? If by the time you reach the end of this inquiry and are inspired to be a part of the change we want to see, we invite you to submit your interest.

Parents and their children deserve a legal team that can guide them, educate them and protect them in all that they will face during their family law case. We are a boutique Family Law Firm on a mission to change how families separate.

We are known for helping our clients come out of an extremely difficult and emotional process feeling better and in a superior position than when they walked through our door. Is it strenuous? Yes. Is it challenging? Yes. However, with the right legal team by their side it can be healing, successful and should lead them to their brighter future. Our team never loses sight that this is THEIR life…their children, their home, their finances.

We are on track for continued innovative growth and we desire an experienced Family Law Attorney to join us to work directly with the owner, fellow attorneys, and our legal and administrative support, as a united team, in a single effort: helping our clients better their lives and creating an inspiring, up lifting work environment. Our focus and mission is to be the industry thought-leaders and difference-makers in our local courts and community. More information about our firm and who you would be working with can be viewed throughout our website.

All too often we see attorneys let their ego get in the way of settling a case, we see clients hire lawyers who do not have proper support staff, and we see legal professionals fail to give their clients the appropriate resources needed to set them up for success both during litigation and after divorce. That is not the case at Bliss Law Group. We have dedicated our entire practice to the belief that the client always comes first, that there is always a “bigger picture” to be kept in mind, and that honesty and candor should always be the driving force of conversations. We provide the necessary tools and support to our team which, in turn, guarantees that the clients always have what they need too.

Our Firm is a team oriented. We provide ample support and direction to our employees with a focus on upward mobility. To put it frankly, we value our team as much as we value our clients, and we REALLY value our clients. Legal experience and legal acumen are required, but your personality, character, intelligence and integrity will be paramount considerations. We pride ourselves in being family-focused, compassionate and dedicated to our community.

This is a full-time career where you are expected to manage a full caseload.

This position requires someone who will:

  • Be responsible for the competent provision of legal services, including but not limited to: legal research; drafting motions, pleadings, orders, judgments and status updates; overseeing and analyzing discovery; and developing strategy.
  • Maintain communication with clients via email, phone or in-person meetings.
  • Contemporaneously record time and client interactions in the case management system.
  • Delegate to Paralegals and support staff to accomplish tasks but remain responsible for ensuring the timely and professional completion of the work.
  • Represent clients with complex Family Law issues and ensure an Associate is prepped on cases that require a second chair.
  • Monitor the assigned caseload and act as necessary, to move cases forward through defined milestones.
  • Assist with guiding, training, and mentoring Junior Associates and Contract Attorneys.
  • Collaborate with the Owner, Firm Administrator and other Legal Team members, to ensure daily operations within the Legal Team are provided, in the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • Recommend, design, develop and execute substantive policies, procedures, processes, checklists, templates and forms, as needed.

If the following statements appeal to you, then you may be our next experienced Attorney:

  • You are a great communicator who wants to make sure the client is informed
  • You understand the importance of tracking your time and recording interactions in a case management system, and you are diligent about doing it
  • You are a doer
  • You have an excellent mindset, open for continual growth
  • You are comfortable delegating tasks to appropriate legal staff members
  • You believe that all clients deserve the best, no matter their status
  • You enjoy being a team player – you truly enjoy it
  • You love to provide quality legal services to your clients
  • You find value in repeat referrals because you indeed, are a Rockstar

We offer competitive compensation packages including multiple bonus opportunities, health insurance stipend, 401K, malpractice insurance, paid bar dues, paid time off, paid holidays, paid training and professional expenses. There are also opportunities for continued personal and professional development. At Bliss Law Group, there is great reward for stellar work!

You’ve made it this far. You are still interested in what we have to offer. If so, please follow our simple instructions below:

Prepare a cover letter with no more than TWO paragraphs. In the first paragraph explain what you believe are the 3 most important qualities needed in someone who works with family law clients and why you believe they are the most important qualities. In the second paragraph, explain why you applied to this particular inquiry. In the subject line please spell your last name backward and then write – I am your next ROCKSTAR associate.

Email your resume and cover letter in PDF format to

We cannot wait to review your application.