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We Are Essential.

YOU are Essential and we are here for you.

This year, we have helped many clients regarding the impact on custody and visitation, during this global unknown.

What we do know and believe, is that we will get through this.
It is important to look at silver linings and to seek grace, everywhere you look.

Helpful tips on co-parenting during this time:

1. Honesty and vulnerability go hand in hand. Don’t be afraid to express concern for the safety of your children, but do so with mutual respect, not ulterior motives. Have reasonable discussions surrounding what is truly in the best interest, for the health and well-being of your children, and families.

2. Practice give and take. If you can come to a fair agreement and pivot during this time, start by putting your temporary agreement in writing; by email, text, written and notarized documentation, whatever that may be, but agree to be fair, and follow through when the time comes.

3. Explain your agreement to the children, together. Set up a video chat, a call on speaker, or by practicing social distancing. Your children deserve to hear from both sides in unison. It’s better to establish trust in this ever changing time. Your children are going through their own insecurities. Honesty is the best policy in this situation.

4. Allow your child to express themselves. This is not only hard for you, but also your child. What used to be a routine, is now a scramble for making the best out of this new normal. If your child wishes to communicate with the other parent during the time they were supposed to be with them, let them. Allow your child to express their feelings and give them room to make their own adjustments.

5. Make memories, not molehills. Start a family journal. Include pictures, have them write their feelings and record this somewhere safe to look back on, in the future. Share some data with the other parent. Include the other parent in how your child feels. Two households is difficult enough for the child, bridge this gap by allowing the other parent to help. Make the best of this time you get to have with them.

We realize not everyone has children, or perhaps you are past that stage in your life.
We want you to know that we care for all cases and situations the same. 

How you make it through this matters to us.

If there is ever anything Bliss Law Group can do to support you during this time, please reach out.

Helpful tips on remaining healthy (and sane) during this time:

1. We said it above, but we’ll say it again; Journal. Take advantage of this down time to write what is happening in this world and your thoughts about it. If you have a legacy behind you, what a gift it will be for them, to read along as you write your story.

2. Practice Healthy habits. There are so many COVID19 situations and opinions. What a great way to tune it all out by going for a walk (remembering social distancing,of course), taking a hike in our beautiful Point Defiance forest nearby, or simply walking around your neighborhood. Your mind needs to remain healthy as well. It’s not a bad idea to shut the media off for a bit. Focus on you.. not what could or could not be happening inside pages of your feed.

3. Reach out to loved ones you didn’t have time for, before. Chances are they are in a similar situation and could use a little joy. If your loved one is someone deep in the trenches of fighting this chaos, maybe send them an electronic boost of encouragement. After all, mental joy is a gift for everyone during this time.

4. Start that project that’s been waiting for you. Carpe diem! Don’t delay! Before you know it, you’ll be called back to the life that took you away from this project in the first place. Fill your accomplishment bucket with joy in completing something that was and still is, important to you.

5. Support others. We all have different circumstances and this time is affecting people in so many different ways. If there’s a neighbor in need, how can you fill this need? If there’s a co-worker that is struggling to put dinner on the table, are you able to pay it forward? If there is a business that is open where employees and owners are unsure of their future, can you support them in any way? We all have a need and room for support whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. Especially now, support others.

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Please reach out if we can be of assistance.

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